About us

My grandfather Josef Brunclík was a successful miller and baker. My father a succesful chef. My own passion turned out to be beer. In 2019 I launched the project Four Elements Flying Brewery, the visual side of which is being handled by my wife Tereza Dušková Dotlačilová. An idea started to form in my brain to follow the family tradition while creating something of my own in the process. In 2021 we found a place we wanted to renovate. A place you wouldn’t confuse with any other.


A friendly, family-run business.

The philosophy of this business is to be authentic, casual, humble and imaginative.

To offer a wide range of beers and fresh baked goods.

Refreshments made only from produce supplied by local farmers.

To create a space where everyone will feel comfortable and new stories will be written.

We’re in the process of writing ours… so come take a look…